When Lavelle tried to buy tickets for prom she was turned away when the school discovered she was bringing her girlfriend and planning to wear a tuxedo instead of the required ball gown. The school pointed out that the prom was taking place at an upscale Chicago hotel, and claimed that a girl in a tux with a female date would reflect poorly on the school. However, after ACLU lawyers contacted the school, it allowed Lavelle to go to the prom wearing her tux and escorting her girlfriend.


Stand up for Your Rights!

School won’t let you take your same-sex date to prom?

Tell them about the case of Aaron Fricke. In 1980, Aaron sued his school for the right to take his boyfriend to prom and won. A Federal court decided that taking a same-sex date to the prom is protected expression under the First Amendment and ordered the school to let Aaron and his male date go to prom together. Learn more.

Contact the ACLU of Illinois or the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance.

Know Your Rights!

If your school tells you that you can’t bring your same-sex date to the prom you don’t have to put up with it! It’s illegal for schools to prohibit a student from bringing a same-sex date to the prom or any other school event.